Primary Section

Primary Section

School Timing :-
Primary School Timings :
Teacher – Child Ratio :

Co-Curricular Activities :- The Main highlight being the PD sessions and specially crafted Saturday activates.

Morning Assembly: –
The assembly is an important part of the everyday activities of the school. The students gather in the Quadrangle to recite the school prayer, sing the National Anthem. The whole year, every month, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, each grade presents an Assembly, according to the theme given, either a festival that is being celebrated at that time of the year or any thought provoking idea that can be expressed in the form of a drama, dance or music.

Sports and Co curricular activities

Inter House Competitions :-
Children from various houses participate in inter house competitions held regularly in school. The competitions include both sports and Aesthetic. Chess, Recitation (Hindi & English), Best out of waste, Calligraphy, Fireless cooking, Dance, Quiz, Singing etc. Points are allocated to the winners of the respective houses.

Student Council :-

The student council is an organization of students elected to represent the student body in decision making regarding student affairs. The activity of the student council provides students with the opportunity to practice leadership and citizenship. It gives students the chance to get involved and feel like they can make a difference.

Field Trips :-

We at Vedaanta, believe firmly in hands on learning. The students are regularly taken on field trips throughout the year in support of the curriculum. The children visit places like, The Post office , Shopping malls, Zoo, Farms , Dairy farms, old age homes, Traffic park etc.